Sophie Bowman
Forbes Contributor

There's a reason why Jackie is always the first person I call (sorry lol) when l'm having an experiential crisis; she has a gift for quickly identifying your problem before brainstorming and presenting simple solutions. l've called in all-out ugly crying panic mode on more than one occasion, and every time, within 5 minutes, I'm way calmer and have a solution I can start executing easily. Jackie is like the problem-solving unicorn you didn't know you needed until she walks into and upgrades your life and how you think, feel, and talk to/about yourself. She and her husband (OK, and their amazing teenage daughters Who also volunteer) are the best people to know, have your back, and are overall the bestest of friends you could ever wish for in this lifetime - with or without the crisis. It was Jackie Who noticed how badly I spoke to and thought about myself, and it was Jackie that gave me the motivation I needed to turn my whole life around before I ended up dead. Dramatic but accurate.

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