Jeff K

Not sure how you wanted me to send this over. But this is a review from a client that I would like posted on the site.
Jackie Nepola, I'm not sure where to even start. This golden hearted women has done more for me in the short few months than I could've ever imagined. She's helped me through enormous amounts of trauma from the passing of my dad recently & the falling of some of my business structures. It seemed as if my life was crumbling right before my eyes. I was in a deep state of confusion, depression, & loneliness. For the first time in my life I truly felt that there wasn't a light at the end of the tunnel. That I might not get through these feelings and moments. I was exhausted to live life. But Jackie wouldn't take that for an answer. She coached me, talked to me, cried with me, & most importantly taught me. Taught me how to utilize what I was going through to benefit. How to perceive things differently. How to think about things differently. And just after the first few weeks of coaching I started to feel a real difference. I started to become excited for life again. I started to baby crawl my way out of the hole I was in. And to this day I meet with Jackie once a week & it's been so amazing working with her. Seeing my transformations have been very rewarding for myself. I don't know where I would be right now if she didn't reach out to me that day a few months ago just asking how I was. I'm so thankful for her & everything she has taught me and continues to teach me!

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