Jackie Nepola

Be, Feel
& Act

Are you not feeling like yourself lately?


You feel like you're in a funk and you're not worthy of a happy life.


You struggle to control your self-talk and your old "story" overtakes your life and well-being.


You feel overwhelmed daily and can't see a way out of the constant worry.


You can't seem to be confident enough to make those important decisions in your life.


You keep getting stuck in old patterns and worried about what's to come which conflicts with your relationships.


You don't know how to find the consistency and happiness that you so desire.

If this is you… then it’s time to join a community of like minded people just like you

Imagine a community where you feel safe, heard and seen for who you truly are and finally “Build One Self” with the help of others encouragement.

What is BOSCLUB? A community of like-minded people who utilize the tools I’ve learned, tested, and continue to use daily to help keep negative thoughts and emotions in check. We all work together to identify any barriers to your success, find solutions, and rewire negative thought patterns with new habits to put you on your path to success in life and business. These tools changed my life drastically. I’ve seen first-hand how it has improved my quality of life and I want to do the same for you.

Why BOSCLUB? REMINDERS AND CONSISTENCY are key to implementing new habits for a positive change. Now you have ME to remind you daily just how fucking EXTRAORDINARY you are!

What do you get in BOSCLUB?


Daily (AM/PM) accountability group text reminders where only you and I can text.


Access to an exclusive closed Facebook group with only members of this group who are on the journey with you. They support you when you fall and celebrate with you when you win.


I’ll be your personal Accountability Coach to make sure these “Tools” become a new habit, a new standard, and a new way of life for YOU!

Along the way I’ll be dropping content, doing individual/group challenges holding you completely accountable, going LIVE, offering group and individual sessions, and basically bringing what I do with my clients to YOU.

Why be a part of BOSCLUB community?


You are lacking confidence in who you are.


You don't have the right support.


You need reminders to be consistent.


You are finally ready to BE, FEEL & ACT EXTRAORDINARY.

What to expect from me and BOSCLUB? I will remind you and hold you accountable for everything we do together. Each month will be different topics that will build a healthy brain to upgrade your mindset, monthly challenges, and featured guests for your specific wants and needs.

BOSCLUB is a place to feel and be seen because I believe everyone needs someone to talk too. And I want to be that person for you!

Once you’ve completed the first month you will receive your “Tool Belt” in the mail as a daily reminder. And, I hope you continue this journey with me as your Accountability Coach to add more “Tools” to YOUR TOOL BELT.

Why the red belt as the logo? This may sound silly but I imagine wearing a belt filled with the tools that I need to get me through whatever I’m faced with during my day. The “tool belt” reminds me that I’m actually equipped to handle what comes my way. And on a personal note, red was my mom’s favorite color and she was, and still is, my biggest fan.

BOSCLUB Belt Buckle

I want to start by saying that Mrs. Jackie is an amazing Life Advisor, she goes above and beyond to make sure that you are comfortable and well, she has shown me how to deal with my anxiety. I can say that l’ve learned to self love, and be better for me. I with no doubt recommend her.


If you are looking to straighten out some things in your life, look no further than Jackie! I cannot say enough wonderful things about her and the system she uses. I was in a funk~and within a few weeks I felt a zillion percent better – like I could take on anything. Jackie gives you “t

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Heather G.

There’s a reason why Jackie is always the first person I call (sorry lol) when l’m having an experiential crisis; she has a gift for quickly identifying your problem before brainstorming and presenting simple solutions. l’ve called in all-out ugly crying panic mode on more than on

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Sophie Bowman

Not sure how you wanted me to send this over. But this is a review from a client that I would like posted on the site.
Jackie Nepola, I’m not sure where to even start. This golden hearted women has done more for me in the short few months than I could’ve ever imagined. She’s helped... Read More

Jeff K

“I’ve never sat with a coach before, honestly I think I was a little intimidated. When I saw Jackie was having beach sessions, I just knew I had to be part. I also knew I needed someone to listen and help me work through my mental blocks. I got all that and more. The second she walked u

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Taelor V.

Jackie is more than a savvy business woman: she is at the ready with tailor made solutions to any challenges you may encounter, often before you’ve even presented the issue to her. Jackie dives headfirst into tackling a project with ease. Her calm and friendly demeanor while executing an even

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Erin Acevedo

There have been several times when I have been stuck, unmotivated and “lost” about what direction to take not only my career but also my personal life. Jackie and her beach sessions have helped me tremendously to view obstacles from keeping me from achieving my full potential as somethi

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April Cirrincione

Jackie is the best of the best! I am so happy to have met her and trained with her. She exudes such a positive energy. Jackie is so helpful if you are struggling with anything in your life. She always gives great advice and helpful tools to teach yourself how to get into the right headspace. I alwa

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Amy Howe

After one call with Jackie I felt I had the tools to immediately change my life. Throughout my life I focused on the things I did not like about myself. My self talk was always negative and my confidence was low. Finally, at 43 years old, I decided I needed to change something or I was going to fee

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The goal is for you to learn how to apply the necessary “Tools” to everyday life and quiet that inner critic in your head so you can

Believe me, I’m living proof!

Jackie Nepola is a Life Advisor who specializes in assisting people to overcome their professional and personal limiting beliefs and self-doubt. As an award-winning entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jackie has proven strategies and tools to help her clients build confidence and clarity in their lives.

A little back story…..
It wasn’t always easy for Jackie, she suffered from self-doubt and imposter syndrome for years. She struggled financially when her business was so in the red that her power and water were turned off. She struggled in her personal life and was on the brink of divorce multiple times.

It wasn’t until Jackie began to do a deep study of successful high achievers that she discovered the power of the proper use of mindset tools. Avoiding the woo-woo metaphysical books she focused solely on science-backed data to turn not only her life around, but also the lives of her students and clients.

Jackie Nepola

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