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About Jackie Nepola

Somatic Practitioner and Mind Body Coach

Jackie Nepola is your go-to Somatic Practitioner and Mind Body Coach, with a knack for holistic healing. With a background that spans entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and personal growth, Jackie possesses a unique and comprehensive blend of skills. She expertly weaves together the ancient wisdom of yoga, the transformative power of somatic exercises, and the innovative techniques of the Feldenkrais Method. Through this harmonious blend, Jackie helps individuals transition from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and worried to discovering genuine relief, happiness, and a renewed sense of well-being.

Before diving headfirst into the world of holistic healing, Jackie carved out an impressive and impactful career as an award-winning entrepreneur. She was the dynamic driving force behind Kaizen Beauty Academy, where she not only established a successful business but also nurtured and led a diverse team to achieve remarkable success. What makes her achievements even more impressive is the fact that she had no prior experience in the beauty school industry. However, Jackie’s exceptional leadership skills, innovative thinking, and unwavering commitment to excellence propelled her and her team to new heights. Her remarkable accomplishments in the business world include earning the “Excellence in Education Award for Culture,” being named Small Business of The Year, and securing a well-deserved spot among the “100 Outstanding Women of Broward County.”

My Story

Jackie’s journey is a compelling testament to her resilience and unwavering determination. Faced with crippling self-doubt, significant financial challenges, and personal struggles that brought her to the edge of divorce, Jackie could have easily been overwhelmed. However, she chose a different path. With a deep commitment to change, Jackie immersed herself in the study of successful high achievers and turned to science-backed strategies and mindset tools. Through hard work and perseverance, she transformed her life, emerging stronger and more focused than ever before.

Today, Jackie is passionate about sharing the insights and proven methods she has learned on her journey. As a Mind Body Coach, she guides her clients through a transformative process, helping them overcome limiting beliefs, boost their confidence, and find clarity in their lives. Her personal experiences make her uniquely qualified to empathise with and support others on their path to personal growth and self-discovery, inspiring them to overcome challenges and embrace a life filled with balance, vitality, and profound inner peace.

About Jackie Nepola Somatic Practicioner and Mind Body Coach

Pay Attention To Your Intentions

The Mission

Today, as a Somatic Practitioner and Mind Body Coach, Jackie is on a mission. She wants to help people break free from the grip of anxiety, worry, and overwhelm. Through her YOK-E sessions, transformative workshops, and primal release drum dances, she provides a holistic pathway to inner peace, self-love, and a life filled with balance and vitality.

Beyond her professional achievements, Jackie is a passionate philanthropist. Her charitable efforts have gained recognition both locally and nationally. She was even named Volunteer Family of the Year by Disney and the Points of Light Foundation, a recognition that landed her a feature on ABC’s Good Morning America. Jackie’s dedication to giving back shines through her active involvement with multiple non-profit boards.

A proud mum to Mia Bella and Ava Adore, and happily married for 25 years, Jackie’s personal and professional experiences have moulded her into a compassionate and insightful Mind Body Coach. She’s committed to empowering individuals to lead lives filled with balance, vitality, and deep inner peace.

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